Engineering Support Services


Building Evaluation Services

So how is ESS different from every other engineering company?  Our biggest difference is our experience in the construction field.  The staff at ESS has actually installed the products that we specify so we are familiar with what it takes to properly install the products.  This especially helps during the design phase of the project.  We can determine what needs to be done to correct the building problem and design a detail that can be constructed.  Too often Engineers are not familiar with sequencing of products and design details that are not constructible.  

ESS has strong relationships with manufacturer representatives and product suppliers.  This advantage allows ESS access to actual material costs that can be used to obtain accurate job cost estimates as well as access to sample materials to provide to clients.  Our affiliation with US Exteriors provides ESS with direct access to construction professionals that can aid us during building evaluation projects and remove façade/roofing as needed to help determine the cause of building problems.  This saves our clients time and cost since we do not have to hire an outside company and wait on their schedule to complete the evaluation project.  In addition, ESS can perform product testing to ensure that the products we specify perform the way we want them to perform. 

Finally, all work performed by ESS is either performed or directly overseen by a Licensed Professional Engineer which cannot be said by many engineering firms.  When you have building problems that need to be solved, turn to ESS to provide you with expert solutions!! 



                               We are your building experts.