Successful Capital Improvement Projects - Part 3: Preparing Capital Improvement Project Documents

Successful Capital Improvement Projects for Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Buildings

Part 3 – Preparing Capital Improvement Project Documents for Bids

As a building manager, you probably already have a capital improvement plan. When it’s time to start a project, your first step is to assemble a fantastic project team. (Read our blog on project teams for tips and guidance.)  Once your capital improvement project team is complete, it’s time to start the bidding process. The first step in the bidding process: gather the required capital improvement project documents.

How do I know what capital improvement project documents I need?

Your best bet here is to engage the licensed professional engineer or architect on your project team. He or she should have the expertise and experience to make sure you have all the specs and documents bidders will need. Paying a professional to build the bid document packet for you is a worthwhile investment.  Missing documents will mean delays in the bidding process at best. In the worst case, a missing document can cause unforeseen delays and cost overruns.

Basic capital improvement project document list

Most capital project bidders will require the following documents, at a minimum:

  • A formal request for bid that explains the project and general requirements
  • A list of specified project materials
  • A complete description of the scope of work
  • Any requirements for warranties
  • A description of the insurance you require from the contractor
  • Plans, drawings or other diagrams
  • Any building code considerations

You may believe that you and your building engineering team can compile these documents. And you may be right. That said, a professional building engineering firm has experience with all types of projects. With that experience comes the ability to see potential problems and barriers before they occur. A professional engineering firm will also be aware of any building code considerations. Your internal team may not have as in-depth knowledge of local codes that engineering firms have.

At Engineering Support Services, we specialize in helping building managers through all types of capital projects. We can help build the team, compile the bid package including capital improvement project documents, develop the project plan and more.

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