Engineering Support Services Sample Reports


What do you expect from an engineering report?

Engineering reports are usually written by engineers for engineers. That means the reports are full of technical jargon and confusing descriptions. Building owners and managers don’t have time to decipher the documents so they send the specs though the bidding process without interpretation. In the end, project bids are inconsistent and incomplete. Projects get behind schedule and over budget because no one had a clear understanding of the expectations when they started.

Engineering Reports That Work

The expert engineers at ESS are different. We present our reports iin user-friendly formats with clear, jargon-free descriptions and explanations. When you work with ESS, you can rest assured that your plans, specs and reports will be clear and detailed. Most importantly they’ll be easy for contractors to understand, bid on and work from.

We have uploaded a few examples of our reports below. Please feel free to review, print and download them for future reference.

Building Evaluation and Repair Scope of Work

Field Observation Report

Façade and Roof Evaluation Report

Flat Roof Evaluation Report

Masonry Façade Inspection Report

Are you ready to work with a team of engineers you’ll understand and who will understand you?

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